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The Next Decade of European SN Cosmology

Within the next few years, several new major surveys – DES, ZTF, LSST, WFIRST, etc. – will be operational, increasing by several orders of magnitude the amount of observed Type Ia supernovae, while JWST and HSC provides new capabilities. In order to discuss these strategic opportunities and the role of the European SN-cosmology community we will host a 1.5 day meeting April 14/15 2016 at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

The meeting will start around midday Thursday (14th), overlapping with the final day of the SNFactory collaboration meeting. During the afternoon each participating group will be invited to present their ongoing, and planned activities.

Friday April 15th will be fully devoted to discussions – the temporary notes are in this google doc. More to come.

We will have an "official" dinner Thursday evening (and a less official on the Friday...), and some sightseeing activity will be organized Saturday for those staying another day. Thursday we would have dinner at the oderquelle restaurant at 7:30pm. Information about the venue and hotel recommendations can be found here.

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