Humboldt University - Berlin
room 2249A
Unter den Linden, 6
Berlin, 10117 , Germany
When? The 14th and 15th of April 2016

How to get to the Conference Site?

The conference will be held in the main office of the Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin. This building is on the core of Berlin, in the touristic Unter der Linden. The nearest public transportation stops are the Staatsoper bus-stop (lines 100,200 and TXL passing by Alexanderplatz and the Brandenburger Tor) and the Georgenstr./Am Kupfergraben tram-stop (M1). There are also 4 metro-stations (U-bahn/S-bahn) within 10 minutes walking distance:

  1. U Französische Str. (U6);
  2. U-Bhf Hausvogteiplatz (U2);
  3. S Friedrichstraße (S1/S2-S25/S5/S7-S75);
  4. S Hackescher Markt (S5/S7-S75)

Where is the Workshop Dinner?

The workshop dinner will be at the oderquelle restaurant, the Thursday around 19h30. The easiest to go there is to stop at the Eberswalder Str U2-station. It is one block from the station.

Where to Stay?

We did a preselection of some hotel we think were convenient. If the selection does not suit your wish, we would advise you to look for rooms in the Mitte-/Prenzlauerberg areas. We would then have tons of bars/restaurant around and an easy connection to the conference site. The following hotels are sorted by price:

  1. Hotel4Youth: ∼75 € Prenzlauerberg "Good prices, in an active part of town"

    Go to the conference site: M1 tram or the U2 (Eberswalder-Str →Hausvogteiplatz)

  2. Myerś Hotel Berlin: ∼100 € Prenzlauerberg "Classic style hotel close to restaurant"

    Go to the conference site: U2 (Senefelderplatz →Hausvogteiplatz)

  3. Hotel Amano: ∼100 € (there are also apartments.) Mitte "Modern style hotel"

    Go to the conference site: M1 at Weinmeisterstr./Gipsstr. or U2 (Rosenthaler-Platz →Hausvogteiplatz)

  4. Hotel Melia: ∼150 € Mitte "Slightly more expensive hotel very close to main site"

    Go to the conference site: Walking distance

  5. Hotel Adlon Kempinski: ∼300 € Mitte "Do you have travel money to spend? The most famous Berlin hotel, situated right at Brandenburger Tor"

    Go to the conference site: Walking distance